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Manao ahoana e ! I would like to welcome you to my site. You can simply call me Rija. One word about my 'route', question of learning more about each other. One says 'studying law leads to all...with the proviso of getting out of it!' One day, I made decision to leave it to launch out into the tourism matters that I have not left any more. In fact, as a native of Morondava in the south-west of Madagasikara that is always combined with Vezo, with the beam dugouts, the baobab trees... nothing is so surprising! Successively regional and then provincial guide, today I am national guide free lance authorized by the State. And I've got much experience of collaboration with several tour operators.




A fast and comfortable pre-routing by plane, | Morondava and its legendary baobab trees, | The forest of Kirindy, refuge of the giant jumping rat 'Vositse', a protected species, and the biggest carnivorous of Madagascar 'Fosa' | Tsingy of Bemaraha, a wonder of nature emerged from the sea.

Descent Tsiribihina river

A navigation of another age by dugout, | Majesty of the Tsiribihina river and the mystery of its gorges | Morondava, and the baobab trees' country.

East + Pangalana

Visit Gorges of Mandraka, Andasibe - Toamasina, andasibe National Park, Andasibe to Manambato

Tsiribihina -Tsingy tours

A navigation of another age by dugout, | Majesty of the Tsiribihina river and the mystery of its gorges, | The discovery of the unreal world of Tsingy of bemaraha national park |Morondava, and the baobab trees’ country.


Emron Grover

This entry is a bit delayed, but I was feeling nostalgic for our trip to Madagascar. My partner and I went to Madagascar in July of 2012. We booked everything with Rija Tours and it was absolutely amazing.

Krishna & Rudi Buhle


Dear Rija and Jean Claude and Team - thankyou for the great memories. We made it home in August. Best wishes for 2014 Krishna & Rudi. We would like to send A DVD of the trip - where can we post it?

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